Friday, February 1, 2013

More snowflakes!

Snowflake blocks in progress.

While the snow falls outside and the temperature dips well below zero, Jane is making progress on her snowflake quilt inside!   

I spent hours yesterday designing Block #5 (front left partial layout), drawing and erasing until I was happy with it.  

Sketching, cutting donut holes in fusible.

I'm designing one block at a time, and in between I machine stitch the appliqués. 

Leo visits me in my sewing room several times a day and I usually stop and play with him.  If things sound really exciting, his sister Lily will join us.  But yesterday, so intent on my drawing, I ignored him.  Later, when I had Block #5 laid out in pieces on the floor, he snuck in and completely messed it up.  I deserved that.

 Leo loves fabric too!


  1. Lovely snowflakes! We had a warm day today around 70 and sitting in the sun was such a treat! Your kitty is adorable, and I agree if they don't get enough attention they tend to walk all over your stuff. My dog jumps on my chair and steals the seam ripper to chew the handle!

  2. Oh, 70 degrees sounds wonderful. The high temp here today was 10. Doggie sounds very smart!

  3. I spent my day doing snowflakes too. Yours look beautiful.

  4. Beautiful! Just gorgeous! I hope to reach that level of mad skills eventually.