Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Quilt delivered

This quilt was created by our applique group at Your Arts Program.  After our show last weekend where it was displayed, I shipped it to the Alzheimer's study project.  

I received a very nice thanks from the project coordinator saying it was one of the most beautiful quilts they have received.  It will be donated to a study volunteer and should be a welcome gift.  We were happy to be able to create and donate something for a very worthy cause.

On to our next project:  details soon!

Monday, May 23, 2011

A rainy day

I've decided the binding will stay after all, and now I like it.  After seeing this quilt hang at the Your Arts exhibit in a different light, the binding looked much better to me.

I sure did not want to rip off the old binding and replace it anyway.  Binding is very time consuming since it sewn on by machine, then tacked on by hand to the back of the quilt. 

Right now, I need to start designing my self portrait quilt.  I will not be able to share any of my progress as this is a challenge project for our applique group at Your Arts and one of our "rules" is that we not discuss or show our work with each other.  The unveiling of these quilts will most likely be at  Manitowish Waters Colorama the weekend of September 24.  

I've finished the applique on all my glowbugs quilt blocks.  Now I need to assemble the quilt, design and applique the border!!  A rainy day today is just the thing I need.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Applique Show

This past weekend, Your Arts Program held a wonderful show to allow our applique group to display our work.  Director Frances Whitfield did an amazing job presenting our quilts - not an easy task especially with my big quilts.

Woods and Wildflowers made it's debut showing.  Suspended from the ceiling,the expert machine quilting by Lisa Arndt showed nicely on the back of the quilt. One friend commented that he liked the back better than the front! 

Oh, and the gentleman in the photo with me is Steve my husband.  He made his first appearance at one of my shows.  He was duly impressed.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Birds are ready to fly

Kiwi and Tara-iti

I have finished my New Zealand birds quilt, officially titled:  "Kiwi and Tara-iti".  And this means I have added my label to the back, a hanging sleeve and the binding.  I used a contrast binding fabric matching that tiny piping in the border and now I'm not sure if I like the binding or not.  I have to look at it for a while - if it still bothers me later on, I would have to take it apart and redo it!  Horrors!  It's looking better and better every minute.

Close up of controversial binding

If you can zoom in, you will be able to see the expert machine quilting - done by Lisa Arndt.  Note the details she did on each bird.  Just beautiful.

This quilt will be on display at the Your Arts Gallery Applique show May 14 and 15.  Check the website for directions and details:

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Show Must Go On

Flower Power wins third place

I enter and attend lots of quilt shows, but the annual American Quilter's Society show held in Paducah, Ky is my favorite.  I spend the week at my sister's home in Cape Girardeau, Missouri - a short 80 miles away and we go to the show together.  

This year was my 8th show to attend.  I've entered a total of 6 quilts, 4 of them juried into the show, and this year I actually won an award:  third place in my category.  So, that was a thril to say the least.  

But, another part of the story is that the show was almost canceled this year.  

Shortly after having the entire quilt display had been set up, the city of Paducah informed the AQS people that they would have to vacate the Expo and Convention centers due to the rising Mississippi river and threat of flooding.  

The AQS "rose" to the occasion, found other sites for the displays and vendors and the show went on without a hitch.... well, at least from my perspective.

It was actually a wonderful show this year.  We enjoyed going to the different sites and overall the variety and quality of the quilts was outstanding.  

I won't soon forget my award, and will never forget this year's show and the determination and positive attitude of the AQS.