Monday, February 14, 2011

Kiwis and Pipipis


I just finished this 40" x 40" wallhanging top made up of 7 folk art birds.  I created the appliqued birds a couple of years ago and they sat in a file waiting for the right layout and design to finally come to mind.  They just didn't belong in a traditional block set quilt and seem to enjoy flocking together on this nice warm brown background - each perched on  their own leafy branch. 

Does that branch resemble a boomerang to you?  Just a little?  The birds themselves are inspired by birds of New Zealand.  I love all birds and when browsing those native to New Zealand, their names just stuck with me and so I started looking at photos and drawing up some of the cuter ones.  My very favorite bird is the fairy tern/tara-iti.  These appliques are just fun birds - not meant to look like the real bird necessarily;  note the penguin is blue and white and not black and white - there are no blue penguins as far as I know!

The boomerangs are made from fabric which I tie dyed during a fun adult craft class at the Mercer Library led by Teresa Schmidt.  Everyone dyed something different: tee shirts, socks, but I dyed fabric and loved the results.  That fabric  was also just waiting for the right time to get off the shelf and into a quilt.  

I used the web site: for my design inspiration. With permission, I have posted this quilt photo to my blog.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Cabin in the Stars

As I left Your Arts Gallery the other night the weather had turned very very cold, but the sky was dark and clear and full of stars.  Of course, stars stud the skies at night everywhere, but I never really noticed them until we came to the Northwoods. 

I was reminded of this quilt which I made a few years ago titled Cabin in the Stars.  Eight pointed stars with log cabin centers comprise the main quilt.  I chose a black background to represent the night sky.  A green leafy border sets it all off.

The photo was obviously taken in summer - I didn't crop it, just to remind us that  winter really doesn't last forever.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Applique Artists

Finished quilt top to be donated to the Alzheimer's study project unveiled at the Applique Arts group last night at Your Arts Gallery. 

I love  the different color choices each member made and how bright and cheery it looks with the scrap borders.  The top is now ready to be basted and machine quilted. 

This group is so enthusiastic and brings many years of quilting experience and love of applique to each meeting.  There are a couple of members who are new to the art, but have jumped right in and are doing amazing work.  

The array of original designs recently created and presented at show and tell last night was inspiring - each one unique. 

Pictured in the photo about (clockwise from left):  Liz Sykes, Jean Wickeham, Wendy Osberg, Toots Kellett and Mary Schmidt.  Not pictured:  Arloa Barnabo, Pat Hahn, Jane Nicholson and Jane Zillmer.

The group meets on the first Wednesday of each month, from 6 to 8pm and is free and open to anyone.  For more info about the art gallery see their website: