Thursday, March 14, 2013

More Snowflakes

Snowflake Block #9

Just in case anyone thinks I've been brainwashed and won over by The Modern Quilt movement, I thought I'd reassure all that I'm still traditional Plain Jane, working away at what I always do.  Sometimes though, a diversion is nice, and I might just do it again... make a modern quilt that is.

When I last blogged about my newest quilt December, I had finished 8 of my snowflake blocks and was working on #9.  I had a partial design going, sort of based on icicles.  At one point,  it just came together and has actually taken center stage on this quilt. 


Now it's back to the drawing board and I'm working on the border design.  This always takes me quite a while.  My quilt groups have supplied some great ideas and eventually, I'll know when I have the right design worked out.  

Until then, this quilt is under wraps and I won't be showing photos until it's finished.  Hopefully, winter will be over by the time it's done!

And now, I'm out the door to take my morning walk (by the way, it's 3 below zero out there and more snowflakes are in the forecast).  

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Jane makes a Modern Quilt

After I wrote a review on my blog about the McCall's ebook:  (Click here for a free copy), I just had to try making one of the quilts.  

To read my review click here.

I pulled fabrics from my stash in colors that I like and started cutting, but quickly realized my background fabric choice did not fit the design mode of a modern quilt.  See the bottom fabric below;  the print is much to busy.

I found a linen look fabric at my local quilt shop which worked very well and kept the look of a modern quilt. At first I thought I might add borders and of course, appliqué.  But, no to both.  The top is finished.  I'll have some fun next exploring how to quilt a modern quilt.   

My quilt does still look quite different from the photo sample in the ebook.  I will say it was fun to make.  It's been a while since I cut and pieced a quilt anything like it.  

Leo snoozing on my chosen fabrics

Monday, March 11, 2013

Paducah, Kentucky = Spring

Ah.... spring. It's nearly that time of year again.  According to the calendar, spring begins in 10 days.  Looking out of my window at a very snowy day, it seems months away.

But really, for me, spring means the annual American Quilter's Society show in Paducah, Kentucky held  the last week in April each year. 

This year marks my 10th trip to the show which I always attend  with my sister.  I get to  stay with her and her hubby at their wonderful home not far from Paducah.  I call it my personal B&B and have a standing reservation there!  Could any quilter be luckier?  And this year, to make it even more special, my daughter Katy will be going with me.  

I've had  eight of my quilts juried into this show, the first one in 2007.  Seeing  my quilts displayed among all the other masterpieces makes the show even more fun for me.

This year's entries:

Oh, Mexico Beach 85" x 85"

Carla Rose and Katy Marie 60" x 60"

Monday, March 4, 2013

Machine Quilting

The weekend found me in the mood to work on my machine quilting.  I know, it's a Christmas quilt and not in any immediate need of being finished, but it is on my UFO Bucket List.  And, I like to rotate between projects, depending on my mood.

Crimson Tweed. Pattern by Sue Spargo

For some reason when working on this quilt, I preferred not to use my Bernina Basic Stitch Regulator and instead I used  quilting foot #9.  I set my stitch length and width at zero and did not lower the feed dogs.  With this closed toe foot, I was able to easily stitch very closely to my wool appliqués without the foot getting caught on them.  

You will notice that I did not add any quilting to the actual appliqués in this quilt as one might normally do.  I decided to "respect the wool" and my hand stitching (love those French knots)  and leave the appliqués  alone!

Bernina #9 quilting foot
Close up of machine quilting.

Yup, more machine quilting.

I also tackled 2 of the borders and spent quite some time doodling on paper to come up with a design.   The hardest part of machine quilting for me is still the design part.  With this border  stitching plan, I didn't need to double stitch over my blue border ditch quilting at all but instead made my turns in the batting and fabric edge.

Sketching out quilting design ideas for border.

Marking border quilting lines.

The top and right side border quilting is up next.  Since they are appliquéd, they will need a different quilting design after outline stitching.  But... today it's back to my snowflake quilt.  Crimson Tweed goes back into UFO land for now.

Bottom border quilting.