Wednesday, February 19, 2014

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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Published! And other news from Jane.

Dresden Basket 
23" x 23"

My original, complete pattern for Dresden Basket has been published in The Appliqué Society's Jan/Feb newsletter.  I would encourage any appliqué enthusiast to become a member -  I have been for many years.  

TAS states:  "Our Mission is to Promote, to Teach, to Encourage the Love of ALL Types of Appliqué in Quilting."

The newsletter is delivered to members in print (black and white) and includes an online edition in beautiful color.  

The Appliqué Society's editor Patti Ives has written a wonderful review of my new book Nature's Journey Appliqué; you'll find the review in the current newsletter issue.  

Also included is a feature story about Gail Gilson Pierce and Lisa Wood owners of Wooly Lady, neighbors from northern Wisconsin. Their appliqué designs are wonderful and I consider their hand dyed wool fabrics the best around.  A number of those wools are included in My Christmas Album quilt still in progress:

My Christmas Album
in progress

Other news from Jane's quilt world:

This morning, winners of The American Quilter's Society Phoenix show, which opens today, were announced:  WOW!  I was pleased to see that my entry "Oh, Mexico Beach" won an Honorable Mention award.  

Oh, Mexico Beach
85" x 85"

Closer to home - meaning my actual sewing room - I have been working to complete my Nature's Edge quilt.  If you'll notice I completed that last block and have been working on the  borders.  This is a "rough" photo as there will be many more adjustments and additions to the appliquéd borders.  

I have this quilt top hung on my design wall where I pin and re-pin my appliqué motifs, sit back and stare, walk away, go away completely, and eventually that moment comes when YES!  I know I've hit it. I can then fuse the motifs and finish stitching.  

For some time, I was just stuck on this quilt and did not have any creative ideas for finishing it.  But I'm on a roll now!  

I'm anxious to start a new quilt which is spinning and turning in my head .  Remember those words "spinning and turning".