Tuesday, March 25, 2014

New York City

 New York City building in the snow

My daughter Carla is an art design director at Knock, Inc in Minneapolis and she travels to NYC at least monthly to shoot all those wonderful Target in store model photos for apparel and accessories.  Yes folks, that is HER work.  

Recently, she sent me the above photo. The city is a mess to get around in the winter, but that old apartment building smothered in snowflakes looks so quiet and peaceful.

 I of course thought this would be a great quilt design and sketched out the old building, then overlaid a  tissue paper drawing of snowy trees.  

Phase 1 in fabric is done - fused and ready to stitch:

It looks only slightly like the photo thus far, but this is a work in progress and a big project.  In order to achieve that hazy, snowy look, I've overlaid some white tulle to the right half of the quilt top:

You get the idea?

I'll be adding sides, roof and sidewalk to the building next, then I will need to enlarge, cut and fuse those tree branches over the entire quilt top.  

In contrast to this peaceful winter scene, I spent my 60th birthday in NYC in September, 2010 with my daughters and sister.  It was a wild 4 day blast of fun and touring, noise and people and just too much fun.

Someday, I'll go back in winter.

Carla, Jane, Katy, Ellen