Monday, February 23, 2015

Deep and dark

 One good thing about writing a blog is that it motivates me to keep working so I'll have something to write about!  

Progress.  I've complete the design for 2 more of my song blocks, but not all the appliqué stitching is done.  I love being at this stage when making a quilt.  I have more blocks to design, fabrics to choose, machine stitching to do and I can move between these steps as my time allows and mood directs. 

These songs are just a tiny sampling of some of my favorites.  I like them for their words, or just for the tunes.  

"Turn! Turn! Turn!"

Here I have depicted the song "Turn! Turn! Turn!" music and adaptation by Pete Seeger, sung by the Byrds, the words from the Book of Ecclesiastes. Copyright:  Melody Trails Inc. 

It's a simple but beautiful message.  We have seasons in nature and also in life.  No matter what, we move from one to the next, never ending.  

"I Am a Rock"

This block is based on "I Am a Rock" sung by Simon and Garfunkel, written by Paul Simon, Copyright: Eclectic Music, Paul Simon Music.  

The beginning lines of this song depict a cold winter day, the song is dark.  I created a maze of rocks and stones.  One can get in, but can't get out; once inside, protected and shielded.  

Block from my quilt "December" 

Speaking of dark and cold, I want to share a bright note.  My quilt December was accepted  by the National Quilt Museum, Paducah, KY as a finalist in their upcoming exhibit:  New Quilts From an Old Favorite: Nine Patch.  It will be on display there starting in April and then move on to other museums and quilt shows around the country for two years.  An even brighter note:  December won second place in the judged part of this exhibit.  

Each exhibited quilt has a chapter written by the quilt maker and will be published in a book by The American Quilt Society, available for purchase when the exhibit opens.  


Leo and Lily keeping each other warm

Rock on my friends!  

The Stones.  Always.  

Monday, February 2, 2015

Pattern Published!

Carla Rose and Katy Marie
I just received my March/April American Quilter magazine published by American Quilter's Society.  Included in this issue is their current catalog of fabrics, patterns and books. My quilt pattern titled Carla Rose and Katy Marie, published by AQS is featured in the catalog and is now available for purchase here.  A kit is also available.   

I designed and made this quilt for my adult daughters. Um.... guess what their names are? The bright colors and bold motifs represent their warm personalities, strong work ethic and enthusiasm for life.  Using raw edge fusible machine appliqué, this wall hanging is fun and easy to make.  

Lisa Arndt completed the long arm quilting.  I love her work;  note how her quilting matches the feel of this quilt.  

Quilting detail/Close up

And if you love appliqué as much as I do, check out my book also published by AQS and available on their website, at your local quilt shop or at

 Nature's Journey Applique