Thursday, March 14, 2013

More Snowflakes

Snowflake Block #9

Just in case anyone thinks I've been brainwashed and won over by The Modern Quilt movement, I thought I'd reassure all that I'm still traditional Plain Jane, working away at what I always do.  Sometimes though, a diversion is nice, and I might just do it again... make a modern quilt that is.

When I last blogged about my newest quilt December, I had finished 8 of my snowflake blocks and was working on #9.  I had a partial design going, sort of based on icicles.  At one point,  it just came together and has actually taken center stage on this quilt. 


Now it's back to the drawing board and I'm working on the border design.  This always takes me quite a while.  My quilt groups have supplied some great ideas and eventually, I'll know when I have the right design worked out.  

Until then, this quilt is under wraps and I won't be showing photos until it's finished.  Hopefully, winter will be over by the time it's done!

And now, I'm out the door to take my morning walk (by the way, it's 3 below zero out there and more snowflakes are in the forecast).  


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