Monday, December 17, 2012

New Fons and Porter ebook Review

I've been asked to review the new ebook:  "Build Your Best Log Cabin" from Fons and Porter's Love of Quilting.  I was interested immediately as the log cabin block has always been one of my favorites.  

The ebook is concise and easy to read with beautiful color photos throughout.  You'll find an antique quilt example of each of three log cabin favorites: Traditional, Courthouse Steps and Chevron.  Also included are different setting options and charts to cut strips for each of these blocks in a number of different block sizes, so you can easily design your own quilt and layout. 

Antique Chevron Log Cabin owned by Sara Miller

Would you like patterns to make new and unique log cabin quilts using these three traditional styles?  There are four complete patterns by well known quilt artists included for you to try.

"Bears in Berties Log Cabin" by Ricki Tims
Projects are rated per difficulty from easy to challenging. I especially like the color graphics and easy to read charts, the log cabin tips and bonus features including:  bobbin work with trapunto, binding with piping, and Liz's lumpless binding.  The instructions for these techniques are displayed tutorial style with up close photos and excellent how-tos.

I will refer to the lumpless binding tutorial often, as Liz's technique is the best!

This ebook will inspire you to explore the timeless beauty and versatility of the log cabin block. I have often combined applique with log cabin blocks: note the setting chart for "lights and darks" on page 4. The light space is perfect for applique!

With permission, here's the link for you to receive your own free copy of this ebook: 




Thursday, December 6, 2012


My favorite month, December in the north woods, is upon me. In all it's darkness and brightness, I love each day.  Christmas is of course, a big part of it, but instead of falling into the  shopping and celebrating mania, I enjoy the real beauty and peace that December is.

December has inspired a new quilt project.  The photo above is a layout design from my EQ program with some basic color plans.  I've changed the design and colors several times, but I think this is it.  The center stars will be my own snowflake designs (each different of course!) and the snowflakes will be made up of leaves, flowers, branches etc.  The dark green circle segments represent the color of dark winter pines. All the colors will be rather dark, with gray tones.  The snowflakes will stand out in whites and very light grays, and I'll add some blue maybe at the center snowflakes to represent the brilliant blue sky when it does pop out.  

Winter is my favorite time to be outside walking or snowshoeing in the woods.  Nature never disappoints.  Trumpeter swans made a brief appearance on Echo Lake the other morning.  The sun was shining brilliantly.  

This morning the weather is snowy, gray and very windy; the lake looks completely different.  An otter takes the place of the swans in this next photo (black blob).  Earlier, an osprey like huge bird was in the same spot, soon to be chased away by an eagle.  

I've finished the hand applique on my Crimson Tweed wall hanging and now it's on to the borders.