Thursday, September 8, 2011

Essence of Self


 Plain Jane 
28" x 28"

The applique group at Your Arts Gallery unveiled their "Essence of Self" (self portrait) quilts last night at our monthly meeting.  No one had talked about or seen each others projects before last night. Frances Whitfield (gallery director) set them up for us to view and try to guess who was who.
I have to say, each of the 8 quilts was stunning - original, colorful, artful - just wonderful!!  Everyone told their story and those stories were also wonderful. We learned things about each other we didn't know.  
My quilt entry is titled "Plain Jane".  I designed, machine appliqued and machine quilted this project.  It tells the story of how my quilts speak for me while I maintain a sort of quiet demeanor which is reflected in the monochromatic color scheme.  A few  flowers, leaves and stems in a  simple but lovely setting show that I try to find the beauty in nature and everyday life.
The Essence of Self quilts will be on display at Your Arts Gallery later this month;  I will take photos and share them on this blog (with the artists' permission).

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Carla Rose and Katy Marie

Here's the start of a brand new quilt which I have already named "Carla Rose and Katy Marie."  Usually, I don't name my quilts until they are finished, but in this case the name is the quilt.  Carla and Katy are my daughters of course, and this quilt will be bold and bright and beautiful and fun - just like they are.  This block is only the beginning and many more details will  be added as I go along, so "stay tuned." 

I am feeling nostaligic this time of year as all the kids go back to school and I have fond memories of sending my girls off on that first day.  A couple of first day photos from the 80's:

They did love to dress up and shop for clothes.  Katy still remembers those red shoes! I have kept the dress she is wearing in the second photo in my box of appliqued treasures.

I have finished my book proposal and it's off to the publisher.  Now, I wait and see.....  In the meantime I have a wonderful, fun project to keep me busy.