Monday, February 14, 2011

Kiwis and Pipipis


I just finished this 40" x 40" wallhanging top made up of 7 folk art birds.  I created the appliqued birds a couple of years ago and they sat in a file waiting for the right layout and design to finally come to mind.  They just didn't belong in a traditional block set quilt and seem to enjoy flocking together on this nice warm brown background - each perched on  their own leafy branch. 

Does that branch resemble a boomerang to you?  Just a little?  The birds themselves are inspired by birds of New Zealand.  I love all birds and when browsing those native to New Zealand, their names just stuck with me and so I started looking at photos and drawing up some of the cuter ones.  My very favorite bird is the fairy tern/tara-iti.  These appliques are just fun birds - not meant to look like the real bird necessarily;  note the penguin is blue and white and not black and white - there are no blue penguins as far as I know!

The boomerangs are made from fabric which I tie dyed during a fun adult craft class at the Mercer Library led by Teresa Schmidt.  Everyone dyed something different: tee shirts, socks, but I dyed fabric and loved the results.  That fabric  was also just waiting for the right time to get off the shelf and into a quilt.  

I used the web site: for my design inspiration. With permission, I have posted this quilt photo to my blog.

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