Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Flower Power Gains Steam

It's finally finished;  a first printing of my pattern for Flower Power.  A little scary as "well, now what?"  I don't exactly know.  If I had thought that far, I never would have started it!  I have self published this first round and only a dozen copies to begin with. 

My Applique Group "pattern testers" are working on their test samples of this quilt and are quite diligent.  I really appreciate their input.  There is still room to make changes and additions.  

I really enjoyed putting this together, with a lot of help from my sister Ellen.  I can make a quilt and do applique in my sleep, but trying to write exactly how to do it is another story; it is at best very time consuming and I was constantly changing things.  At least now I have an idea of what it takes to create a quilt pattern - or any pattern.  Even writing a recipe would be a challenge when you think about it. 

I was surprised and pleased to see that The National Quilting Association is using a photo of Flower Power's border as their website header.  Flower Power was shown at the NQA quilt show last June and won Honorable Mention.    

Check out their website:  www.nqaquilts.org 


  1. Jane, please could you tell me where I can purchase the pattern?