Friday, March 4, 2011

Spring air

Hello from the Northwoods!

I went out for my morning walk pretty early today.  The sky was still gray;  it was misty and quiet and very mild.   I realized how nice my footsteps sounded in the soft snow.  And if I stopped and listened, except for a few birds chirping it was totally still.  Lovely.  

This time of year, everyone has either fled the northwoods for somewhere warmer or is desparately seeking spring in one way or another.  But, I love a day like this for what it is.  Why think about another day or season or what else might be?  

I've started a new quilt with a sample block shown.  There will be nine different blocks with golden bugs, beetles and dragonflies set on a black background:    My design is based a traditional applique wreath block using the bugs as flowers.  The rest of the block will be built around the bugs;  more flowers, leaves, stems etc but will look whimsical and not really  traditional at all.

  I guess maybe I am thinking of spring after all, creating another bug quilt....

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