Monday, May 23, 2011

A rainy day

I've decided the binding will stay after all, and now I like it.  After seeing this quilt hang at the Your Arts exhibit in a different light, the binding looked much better to me.

I sure did not want to rip off the old binding and replace it anyway.  Binding is very time consuming since it sewn on by machine, then tacked on by hand to the back of the quilt. 

Right now, I need to start designing my self portrait quilt.  I will not be able to share any of my progress as this is a challenge project for our applique group at Your Arts and one of our "rules" is that we not discuss or show our work with each other.  The unveiling of these quilts will most likely be at  Manitowish Waters Colorama the weekend of September 24.  

I've finished the applique on all my glowbugs quilt blocks.  Now I need to assemble the quilt, design and applique the border!!  A rainy day today is just the thing I need.

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