Monday, February 18, 2013

Log Cabin ebook update

Since writing a review on my blog about the above Fons and Porter ebook, I learned from the publisher that there are some errors in that copy.

Click here for a link to my blog post. 

Click here for a link to the revised copy.

This bring up an interesting point.  Over the years, I have occasionally found patterns which contain errors - usually in cutting measurements.  I also know that publishers will have corrections posted on their websites.  

One thing I always  do when working from a pattern - my own included -  is to make a sample block and check  it for accuracy.  Lets say you need to cut and piece 50 blocks;  wouldn't you rather discover an error on block number 1?  I also double check instructions before cutting larger pieces, such as borders.  

I edit my own patterns many times. For my book, I had a very astute, perfectionistic quilter edit all my math and measurements.  She found ONE tiny discrepancy.  Even so, I still encourage anyone using my patterns to do the same:  make one sample block before cutting all of them.

Happy quilting and stay tuned for another ebook review on Modern Quilts from McCall's patterns.  

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