Monday, February 4, 2013

Just a little tip

 A neat little sculpture of nature.

I've been wanting to add this photo to my blog for a long time.  It's just a piece of bark I found on my walk one day, but those tiny perfect holes were what caught my eye.  They were created by a tiny perfect beak from some wonderful bird.

My post today is about a different tiny "eye";  this one in my Bernina bobbin case.  I learned long ago that to achieve perfect tension when doing appliqué stitching, one must run your bobbin thread through this eye.  No other tension adjustments need to be made.

Bobbin threaded correctly through eye in case.

Yesterday, I was stitching away doing my appliqué and had major problems with tension.  My seam ripper really got a workout!  I could NOT figure it out, until finally a light bulb went on in my head;  sure enough, I had forgotten to thread my bobbin through that eye, something I usually do without thinking.  

So, that's my little tip for the day.  

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  1. Jane,

    I'd like to start doing my appliqueing as you do with raw edges and tiny zigzag stitches. I do not have a Bernina so would you please explain to me why you need to thread your bobbin through the bobbin case eye? Perhaps there is a similar adjustment I might need to do with my Pfaff.