Friday, September 28, 2012


I've been following Leah Day's Free Motion Quilting Project for some time now and I recently became interested in her UFO Sunday blog (she blogs every day, by the way).

Her Sunday blog has motivated me to work on my machine quilting practice quilt sampler and also got me thinking about all my projects in progress.  Actually, they are ALL UFOs (unfinished objects).  They are all sitting there looking at me saying "work on me today!" 

The idea of devoting Sundays to this is great.  To me, Sunday has always been kind of an off day.  Growing up in a very religious household, Sunday was to be observed as a day of rest with no work being done.  That meant no use of the sewing machine although hand work was OK.  I loved to sew even back then of course, and that meant an entire day banned from sewing!  Sometimes on Sundays even now I find myself not wanting to do anything constructive.  I think I may have turned the corner now!

I completed the applique and block settings for Pots of Flower Power (above) and now I'm planning the border design. Below is a mock-up from EQ7 which helps me with size and color ideas.  I plan to add lots of appliqued leaves along the vines and also corner motifs.

Speaking of wasting time:  I am going to use my blog today to vent a little (I normally make a point not to do that.)  I am now locked out of Tumblr and my website - my computer actually freezes.  I spent HOURS yesterday trying to add a page of my patterns only to fail time and again, even though I have easily done it in the past.  There is obviously something in my OS interfering with Tumblr.  OK - ya!  What?  I'm going to have to get some pro help here. Tumblr's "help" has been no help.

All that precious designing and sewing time!  I do love blogging, and I've been told I'm fairly computer literate for someone my age (ahem), but man, what a waste of time messing with these techie issues.   

On that note, I will simply post this blog to good old Blogger and be on my way.  Looking forward to Sunday!


  1. Maybe Tumbler is just updating their system. I'd try again today. Things like that can be so frustrating.Very pretty quilts BTW! I wish I had the EQ7 program, but I'm not sure I could warrant the cost. I might not use it enough. Do you get a lot of use out of it?

    1. Hi Danielle, Thanks for the encouragement! I'm meeting with a computer guy to help with Tumblr. I get frustrated easily with the tech stuff. I love EQ7; I actually upgraded from EQ5, so I've had the program for a long time and I do feel the cost is worth it. Yes, I do use it a lot. And I've never run into any glitches with it.

  2. I agree that Sundays are a good quiet day (well, except during football season!). In my mind the week starts on Monday, so Sunday is my time to reflect on the past week and set some goals for the upcoming week. Good luck with your project!