Monday, September 17, 2012

Fun with Flower Power

I'm working on a 4 block wallhanging using my Flower Power designs.  For this project, I created  flower pots as a base for the appliqued motifs instead of the pieced baskets found in the original quilt.  This smaller version is fun to stitch up, and I have a nice wall all picked out here at home for it to be displayed. 

The new Quilter's Newsletter arrived in my mailbox today.  As you may know, my quilt Flower Power is being featured as a series quilt in 7 issues; currently on #4. One of the blocks featured in this issue happens to be the same one I'm stitching!  I do love this quilt and love hearing from quilters who are making it.

ALSO:  if you followed my blog at this site in the past, I hope that you continue to follow me at my new website:  I have been unable to blog on Tumblr recently - problems with text - so I'm back to using blogger, for now.  Funny, I kind of feel at home here.

Back to my machine! 

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