Monday, January 3, 2011

Winter grosbeaks

Even though winter officially began 2 weeks ago, I feel like winter is really here now.  It's much colder and something is just different in the air.  The winter bird feeders are quickly emptied and the grosbeaks have come back.  These are large, very pretty birds who come in groups and often eat seeds fallen on the ground.  Watching them inspired this quilt a few winters ago;  it's title: "Grosbeaks in a Winter Garden."   

I love the colors and the way the traditional block titled "Floral Wreath" works itself in and among the appliqued birds like treetops and branches.  I designed this quilt using my Electric Quilt program to lay out the blocks.  Right now it hangs behind our bed - not ON the bed, but it still keeps the room warm just being there to look at. 

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