Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Roman Shade Diversion

For the past week, I've been tied up sewing new Roman shades for my 4 bathroom windows.  Yes, this is my bathroom - we have his and hers.  It's the only way to go.  

I had been looking for new fabric to do these shades for a long time and last week I finally found it at Joann Fabrics, on sale and the bolt had exactly the amount I needed - no room for error!  But wouldn't you say it was meant to be?

A few new accents and towels and it's a makeover!  One wall has been bare since sharing my quilts for our library display and now I want to make a new wall hanging for that space.  Nothing definite in mind yet.  

I've also delved into writing the pattern for Flower Power.  I've had requests over the years for patterns of my quilts, but never thought I could (or would want to) do it.   I can thank Barb and Lisa at the Quilt Cottage in Hazelhurst for giving me the oomph to get going.  Fortunately, I keep notes and applique drawings for all my quilts;  however, putting it together into user friendly format and terms is a huge job.  

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