Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Forever Wreath

I used to buy 2 or 3 fresh pine Christmas wreaths every year, but then got the idea to make 2 permanent "wreaths" to hang - they grace the outside of the garage (shown is one of them). 

As you can see, it is actually a quilt block.  I searched my Electric Quilt program for a Christmasy looking pine, found a block and sized it to fit some boards I had cut to fit the space.

I glued 2 same size wood pieces together to make a thick, sturdy base.  I printed the templates for the block, traced them on the wood then used acrylic paints to paint - or "piece" the block.  Finally, I used a spray sealer to cover.

They are impervious to wind and wet - give it a try sometime!  I have done another block which hangs all year near the door to the house.  Photo another time...

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