Monday, November 29, 2010

Aspen here and there

Block #6:  Aspen leaves done in fall colors.  I love the shape of the aspen leaf; quite round and cute.  The bent looking bare trees represent the "quaking" aspen tree, and the oval shapes are cross sections of a cut log.  I did this block just a short time ago in autumn when the leaves were turning and here it is winter weather outdoors already.  The trees are covered with snow and the lake is frozen.  There were about 2 dozen Canadian geese hanging on for a bit yet in the open river but today on my walk I didn't see them.  Maybe they headed south.  I did spot 6 otters running and sliding across the lake this morning;  they "skated" right across a makeshift ice rink I've created on the lake. 

While posting the aspen block photo, I couldn't help remembering other winter times spent skiing in the mountains.  Well, "Aspen", Colorado started me thinking.  There is nothing like winter sports, being outside in the cold and then enjoying the winter views and ambiance from inside. I've traded my downhill skis now for cross country and snow shoes and ice skates, but that thrill has always been there.  Aspen here, and there.

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