Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dusty Miller

Here's mandala # 5 for you:  Dusty Miller.  A little hard to see the delicate, greyish blue flowers but it looks really nice in person.  Very subtle and adds another wintery looking element to the quilt.  Dusty miller has beautiful yellow buds as you see - I've never seen them on a plant, but I did found images of these and recreated them in this design. 

Dusty miller really dried nicely and it is just so neat looking! 

The Mercer Public Library (my favorite place in town) had asked me to do a display of my quilts, an the artist of the month.  Yesterday, I piled up a bunch of my quilts and headed there to put up the display.  The fun part was getting up on scaffolding to position some of them up above the desk area.  If you go, don't forget to "look up" - kind of like a tourist in New York City (on a slightly smaller scale)!