Monday, October 25, 2010

Pine cones and Pollen

This is block #2 of my "Power of the World" quilt in progress.  You'll see pine cones radiating from the center of this block.  I had found a neat looking tiny pine cone on my walk one morning and just set it aside on my desk.  A few days later, a nice little pile of a very brilliant yellow dust appeared.  I discovered this to be a pollen producing pine cone - thus the pine cone design emerged for this block.  Dark green pine needles were added and well, those yellow circles on the outer border are supposed to be pollen spores - they really are beautiful in photos.  I added a tiny bee to complete this design.

I do love applique, and starting November 3, I will be leading an Applique Artists group at Your Arts Gallery in Manitowish Waters.  There is no sign up and no committment;  just bring whatever you are working on and the group will proceed in any direction we decide.  And we will have FUN!  The group will meet monthly on the first Wednesday, from 6 to 8 pm. 

The web site is:

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