Friday, October 15, 2010

Ferns and Fiddleheads

As promised I want to share my latest applique project with you.  

I've been enamored with circles and mandala designs for some time now.  I made a large quilt which was one huge mandala a few years ago and always wanted to make another.  Lots of circles show up in my applique projects - I have 2 neat set of circle templates and even a real draftsman's compass for designing! 

This new quilt is comprised of nine circle or mandala blocks, each one a different wildflower or plant which I have collected and dried or studied.  It is entirely applique;  the only piecing is of the circle borders.

The block pictured here is "Ferns and Fiddleheads" and also pictured are the dried ferns which I used for design and inspiration. 

Speaking of plants:  Leo my kitty loves to sun himself in the now empty deck planter.  "Snooze where you are planted" is what he says.