Sunday, October 31, 2010

Days gone by

For 3 full days, we were without power as were many many others.  We have never experienced this before, but of course it happens.  All the things one takes for granted related to the need for electric energy - it's, well everything!  Fortunately we could still get to town and enjoy our wonderful library and eat out.  So, what else do you do with no power?  I thought it was neat sitting by the fireplace reading my kindle at night with nothing but a book light:  very peaceful, no TV or distractions.  I couldn't use my sewing machine or iron to do my usual sewing and quilting, but I was able to work on my hand quilting during daylight - again with no distractions.
I haven't always designed my own appliques and a few years ago, I started this quilt which is a Piece O' Cake design from the book "Stars in the Garden." I used a variety of machine embroidery and applique stitches to finish the motifs.  I had a few blocks left to do, so I finished them last winter, then used my old fashioned wooden quilt frame to stretch and pin baste it for hand quilting. 

I use #8 Perle Cotton and a modified "big stitch" when I hand quilt.  I'm adding beading and  other embellishments as I go along.

Leo and Lily supervise.

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