Saturday, January 5, 2019

Quilt judging seminar

Quilting friends!  

Would anyone be interested in attending the NACQJ quilt judging seminar?  

If there are enough interested quilters, Maribeth Schmidt would teach the class in Wisconsin, location to be determined.  

I am planning to take this course, hopefully somewhere nearby. 

Let me know!  Here is the info:

The 2-day Introduction to Quilt Judging class was developed for the National Quilting Association over 30 years ago, and until recently was only taught at their national show.  In 2014, the Board approved a small group of Certified Judges to teach this class locally.  All local classes follow the same outline as the original class, allowing for differences in teaching styles and presentation.

Since the demise of the NQA, the Certified Judges have set up an independent organization to continue the tradition of certifying and teaching students to become effective quilt judges.  We are now the National Association of Certified Quilt Judges, 

The class is 12 – 13 hours in length, involving two full days of instruction through lectures, visuals, and hand’s on judging for the students.  Student participation is a requirement.  Students will be asked to bring 3-5 quilts to be used in sample judging experiences, and will receive a notebook of information on all areas covered.  

The class fee is $210.  On occasion, an additional fee of $15 must be charged to cover the notebook and handouts.

This class is a wonderful opportunity for:
·     Quilters who want to improve their skills
·     Quilters who are intrigued by the judging process
·     Quilters who may want to become quilt show judges
·     Show organizers who are in charge of the judging process

This class does not guarantee national judging certification, but with theexperience gained during these two days, plus the notebook of helpful information forfuture reference and study, interested quilters will have an excellent foundation forenteringthe certification process, and/or conducting highly successful quiltshows.

Lorraine Covington will be offering this class in Clemmons, NC. She needs a minimum of 4 students, and classes will not be larger than 8 students.  The dates are flexible.  If you have a few friends who would like to take this class with you, please contact Lorraine with your preferred dates, and an additional class can be added.

 Suggested dates for 2018:
            March 19 & 20, Monday and Tuesday
            May 4 & 5, Friday and Saturday
            August 10 and 11, Friday and Saturday
            September 10 and 11, Monday and Tuesday

Classes will start at 9 a.m. and end by 4:30 p.m. with 30 minutes for lunch.  Class times can be adjusted depending on drive times for students.

Class fees are set by the National Association of Quilt Judges at $210 per student.  This will include your 90-page notebook, and a copy of the NQA Guide to Judged Quilt Shows.

A non-refundable deposit of $50 should be mailed to Lorraine with the enclosed registration form filled out, after you have emailed or called her to hold your spot in the class of your choice.  Deposits can be transferred if you have to cancel your attendance.

Please contact Lorraine with any questions about the class or about the dates:
Lorraine Covington
1940 Dunmore Ln.
Clemmons 27012

Students will need to bring to class:
·      Balance of class fee
·      3-5 quilts/wallhangings to be included in mock judging exercises.  For the judging we need pieces with mistakes, issues, flaws, problems, etc. J  We will be kind so don’t be embarrassed – this is a safe learning environment!  If you want, you can add your BOS to the pile – all pieces will be welcomed.  If you cannot bring any pieces, Lorraine has plenty!
·      If you have any samples of surface design techniques, bring those too.  These can include single layer examples of foiling, stamping, Angelina, burning, etc. – anything you made in a class or while just playing around.  These do not need to be quilted and finished.
·      A cushion for your folding chair
·      Lunch and your favorite coffee pod(s) or beverage
·      Any questions you have built up thru the years on what the judges were doing.

Provided by Lorraine:
          Coffee, & tea – hot and cold, sweet and unsweet
          Snacks – sweet, salty, and protein
          Notebook of judging information with extra note paper and a pencil for notetaking
          My kitchen is yours while you are here so feel free to cook/heat-up/chill/freeze…..


Name: _______________________________________________________________________

Mailing address: _______________________________________________________________

City, state & zip code: __________________________________________________________

Home phone: __________________________ Cell Phone: _____________________________

Email address: _________________________________________________________________

Class dates: ___________________________________________________________________

Where did you hear about this class?_______________________________________________

Please mail to:  Lorraine Covington
                          1940 Dunmore Lane
                          Clemmons NC 27012

Deposit received: __________________________ Balance received: ____________________

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