Sunday, October 14, 2012

Little by little

I first blogged about this UFO 2 years ago.  This quilt is from a pattern by Piece O' Cake Designs titled "Stars in the Garden".  I machine appliqued the blocks using various decorative stitches years ago and have been hand quilting it little by little ever since.  I use Perle Cotton and a modified "big stitch" for my hand quilting.

I have one more block to finish after this one, plus the borders.  It is always out staring me in the face saying "work on me, work on me" and when the mood hits me, I do work on it.  I've thought about scrapping the whole thing or farming it out (where?) but no, I really love this quilt and someday, it will be finished.

Hand quilting is actually relaxing.  Sometimes it's just exactly what I need.


  1. Oh, don't scrap it - it's beautiful! And if it relaxes you, keep on, and it will be done sooner than you think!

  2. That is so pretty! And your applique and hand quilting looks amazing, you should be very proud.

  3. Oh no! You have come to far! It actually looks finished in the photo. So beautiful. O love the center block!

    1. Thanks! I actually added the binding before quilting - you can get away with that when hand quilting. I'll keep at it!

  4. This is fabulous -- not just the squares, but the scalloped border is very complimentary. Beautiful!

  5. Oh wow, actually 2 years doesn't seem a long time for a project like this. stunning work