Monday, July 25, 2011

Tulips in July?

Aren't they just beautiful?  These are not tulips, but lily pad flowers pulled from Echo Lake.  Yes, it's legal.  Why am I writing about this and not quilts? 
OK, I'll write about my quilt adventures of late. I've been a little stalled getting started on a new quilt;  I have 2 waiting on deck.  But I have been working on my "Essence of Self" project for my applique group.  I can't share a photo as the rules are:  no one sees them before the grand unveiling in September. We will have to guess who is who!  I am machine quilting this small wall hanging and after adding some detail stitching to the applique, I did not like the thread color contrast at all, and so I ripped all those stitches out yesterday.  I sat on the deck and it wasn't so bad - kind of mindless.  Once finished ripping, I took a pedal boat ride down the river, and there were so many wonderful water lilies.  Not tulips.  

My bug quilt (still unnamed) is off to my machine quilter Lisa Arndt - I am attempting to machine quilt small items, but I have sooooo far to go, that one had to go to the pro.

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