Monday, April 4, 2011

Label me

Do you label all your quilts when finished?  I didn't always do this, but I do now.  I just finished binding 'Woods and Wildflowers', I attached the hanging sleeve and have sewn on the label pictured.  Even if you never enter a show, you should label your quilts - your name, address, phone number, the quilt title and year completed.  This label is a bit large, but I wanted to be able to SEE it and read it.  I've added the titles of each of the blocks along with all the other required info.  I used EQ's inkjet fabric sheets to make this label. 

Do you photograph all your quilts when finished?  I have always done this and have kept scrapbooks of the photos with the quilt description and special ntoes about each one.

More recent quilts each have their own file since I keep records of shows, awards and patterns I've drafted.


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