Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Moon Glow

Here's my supervisor Leo checking out today's project. 

Most of the text for my book is finished and I'm working up a few small projects using applique design elements from some of my larger quilt patterns. I want quilters to know that applique is doable by anyone at any level.  An applique pattern can be altered a little and come out looking completely different and the size of an applique design can be adapted to fit almost any project.

Remember Camellia?  This is a smaller quilt but it includes a lot of applique and it looks like, well, Camellias. 

I took Camellia's center flower motif, two of the outer leaves, enlarged the design and just started playing with it.  The applique stitching, which adds a lot of dimension, has not been done yet.  It looks a bit different, doesn't it?

I read in the January 12th Wall Street Journal:  "Astronomers said Wednesday that each of the 100 billion stars in the Milky Way probably has at least one companion planet..." and that "planets are as common in the cosmos as grains of sand on the beach."  "One can point at almost any random star and say there are planets orbiting that star." 

I feel pretty tiny on this earth to begin with. Every time the moon is visible at night, I have to stop and stare at it.  And a clear night sky filled with stars is another sight to behold.  I never noticed this beauty living in the city. 

I honestly had no thought in mind, other than color, when I started arranging this block.  I knew I wanted to have it look completely different than my original Camellia, so I used the grey/black/white color scheme.  Adding the bright green was fun.  But as I moved pieces around, those stars in the Milky Way and those billions of planets were in the back of my mind I guess, and this is what developed. 

It will finish as a pillow maybe.  Now, if I appliqued 9 of these blocks and joined them to make a quilt with a neat border....  but then, I'm trying to create SMALL projects.