Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer solstice

 Show Me a Summer Day in Missouri

Yesterday June 21 was of course, the summer solstice.  It was hard to celebrate based on the weather we've been having in the Northwoods.  But I remembered another summer when I spent a week at my sister Ellen's home in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.  It was late August, and oh my was it summer!  Hot and humid; everything lush and green, cicadas and tree frogs yelling all night.  I just loved it!  I collected leaves from trees different from our  northern Wisconsin trees:  sassafras, sweet gum, pin oak - and when I returned home I designed this quilt around these leaves.

So, the rainy, cloudy, cool weather we've been having has forced me back into my sewing room (not a bad thing).  Today I finally morphed the border of my bug quilt and I'm appliqueing the border "swooshes" today.  I got the border idea from a traditional appliqued quilt, made in 1852. I have more details to add to the border where the inner points of the swooshes meet and at the corners - then, it may really be done!

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